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Henry Badminton Eats Trophies

Article by: Philips Do

Spring has come and Badminton season has started. Competitive play begins Saturday March 7 at the Madison Tournament. The first home match will be Wednesday March 11 at 2:30pm against University City HS.

There are several key returning players from the 2019 CIF Runner-Up team. Leading the way in 2020 will be Lawerance Taing, Leon Taing, Andrew Nguyen, and Andrew Phoung. They will be playing in the men’s singles and men’s double event. Female single players that will participate will be Athena Aguilar, Kayla In, Jennifer Diep, and Jessie Doan. They will be playing doubles as well. 

As for JV, they will be playing skirmish matches after all the varsity matches are over. These skirmish matches will help JV players to gain experience for playing games. Mainly JV and Varsity will be practicing or training for their Tournament on Friday and Saturday.

On the horizon, Varsity players will be participating in on Saturday March 14 in Arcadia, where many Varsity players in Los Angeles will be participating as well.

Right now, the main focus is the Madison Tournament due to the fact that the tournament is based on teamwork and JV and some Varsity players will have to work on mix and doubles rotation.