Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse · 2020 JV Women’s LAX Preview

First Win A Preview of a Great Season to Come!

Article by: Mollie O’Brien & Alexandra Rodriguez

Despite being such a physically and mentally challenging sport, the girls on the JV PHHS Lacrosse team came out on top with a win on the night of March 4th. The team, which contains many talented female athletes, beat the Ramona High Bulldogs with a score of 6-5. Natalia Arias (10), Mackenzie Nabors (9), Sasha Rutherford (9), and Harmonie Keller (9) all scored on Wednesday night. The score at halftime was 4-0, making the game a big comeback and win for the girls. The team was down one point in the last 2:30, but with 1:30 left, Sasha Rutherford scored, winning the game for Henry. All players who scored were midfielders. What a great win for the PHHS JV Girls Lacrosse team!

All PHHS Girls Lacrosse players carry a lacrosse stick and wear a mouth guard and face mask, covering the eyes and nose, except for goalies, who wear helmets and padding as well. The game is played by players passing the ball back and forth, similar to soccer. However, unlike soccer, the ball is passed from net to net, with the ball being ‘cradled’ as players run. Players cradle a ball by twisting the lacrosse stick back and forth, which makes it more difficult for players on the opposing team to knock the ball out. Positions on the field include defender, midfielder, center, and goalie. Lacrosse is a sport that demands that players must be able to think on their toes, have excellent hand-eye coordination, and have stamina as well.