Patriots News · Controlling the “Controllables”

How Can Our Experiences As a Student and Athlete Help Us Through This?


Often there were times in the classroom teaching or out in the field coaching where I had to catch myself because the amount of passion I was exhibiting to impress upon you the student or athlete the urgency we must take in the moment. We should constantly squeeze everything out of a given opportunity in order to understand what stepping up to a challenge can teach us about ourselves. There are so many moments when things get tough and we focus on what is out of our control and allow those things to determine our outcome. Why? Students in my classroom and players know they’ll be held accountable to allowing these distractions to deter us from our goals. In any contest there are so many moments that are out of our control, if we react to each of these moments we are guaranteed to fall short. In the classroom, my students clearly understand that teachers don’t give grades, every grade a student gets is well earned (all grades).

Right now is an incredible opportunity to reflect, plan, dream, prepare for what we can do and who we should be. I guarantee this hiatus will come to an end soon enough and we will be thrust back into our busy lives. We may even think about and wish we could have this time again. So don’t waste it. Don’t spend time and energy worrying, complaining, thinking about the things out of your control. What book have you wanted to read? Read it. What have you wanted to help with around the house? Do it. What is the type of student, athlete, friend, sibling, son/daughter who you have always wanted to be? Reflect on how you can become just that!

I hope you and your family are staying healthy. If you or someone you know are in need please reach out to myself, a friend, a teacher, anyone. Take care and enjoy the day!

J. Cody Clark-Athletic Director