Multiple Teams · Letter to Our Spring Athletes, Honoring Our Seniors

To Patrick Henry Patriot Nation,

Friday April 3, our CIF Commissioner Jerry Schneipp made the official announcement to cancel the Spring season.

Although this probably isn’t surprising news, it doesn’t diminish the disappointment and heartbreak I’m sure you all are feeling at this moment. I feel it with you. I know this has been a rollercoaster 30 days. If I can find any comfort in this bad news it is that we now have a decision made and are no longer left in a state of the unknown. I have faith this experience will make you better and stronger for the coming challenges in your lives, but for now we can take a moment to mourn what could have been.

This 2020 Spring season was set-up to be an incredible one for all of our student-athletes. The greatest sadness goes out to our 2020 Senior class. You all rose to the high expectations of a student-athlete and have gone through the unique challenge of developing as leaders. You leave a legacy that Patriot Athletics and the entire PHHS community will build upon for years to come. There are so many memories of you all sharing the heights of competition, community, perseverance, smiles, sweat, grit, and laughter that I will carry with me.

It is appropriate to recognize all our Seniors who showcased their skills and talents and cultivated their character these last four years. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a witness to such incredible growth. We will do what we can in some small measure to honor and celebrate you all knowing nothing will replace the joy of doing what you love with the people you have spent last four years with.

I hope all of you carry with you the unique experiences of a student-athlete into the next phases of your lives. You are equipped with the grit and tenacity to find solutions to the greatest challenges and push through momentary difficulty and disappointment to achieve greater goals. These life skills will undoubtably help you achieve all your goals in your adult life.

I want to honor and celebrate each member of our 2020 Patriot Athletics Senior Class. Go Patriots!

AD J. Cody Clark



Athena Aguilar

Kayla In

Lawrence Taing

Techmeng Taing



Max Jones

Mateo Medina

Ryan Miller

Kenny Peak

Ben Manis

Aaron Wright

Ian Hill

Quinn Roelofs

Erik Radder

Zak Lekaunas


Men’s Golf

Travis Martinez


Men’s Lacrosse

Enrique Alduenda

Kai Cinco

Silas Granero

Jasper Harris

Duke James

Evan Lewis

Sam Moorhead

Jeffery Powell

Jackson Rayner

Nico West


Women’s Lacrosse

Emma Bailey

Isabelle Berkoben

Gabby Bravo

Daniela Nowicki

Veronica Smith



Lauren Nett

Ariana Rios


Swim & Dive

Ian Balcazar

Ainsleigh Beard

Benicio Burkett

Alberto Castaneda

Brooke Ellsworth

Zoe Gianulis

John Lekuen

Adam Monroe

Caroline Pool

Syd Snyder

Alex Velazquez

Chloe Wilkins

Makaila Williams


Men’s Tennis

Matthew Archenhold

Jorge Castaneda

Caleb Frye

Michael Kula

Theodore Leonard

Nathaniel Suzuki


Men’s Track & Field

Makai Adams

Jayden Brown

Christopher Cachay

Nathaniel Cruz

Alec Ege

Ryan James Gojuangco

Steven Guillory-Smith

David Harimana

Nicholas Lord

Sean Luch

Joshua Malcangio-Andrews

Zachary Mathews

Daniel Mendoza

Kyle Merino

Vince Nguyen

Andres Salgado

Max Skantz

Christopher Smith

Panintorn Stoup

Jack Turner

Jack Urie



Women’s Track & Field

Natasha Godfrey

Katelyn Mitchell

Madison Nabors

Mara Preciado

Danielle Toleno

Hailey Veeder

Tess Whitsett



Men’s Volleyball

Connor Elgie

Tanner Holbrook

Caden Rivera

Isaac Roberts