Multiple Teams · Letter to Our Women’s Lacrosse Program, Honoring Our Seniors


Letter from Coach Kenny Hasselbar 

To the Lady Patriots Lacrosse Family,

On February 15th we entered the 2020 Spring season with high hopes and high expectations for the girls. Many of these girls had been putting in work since the previous Spring to attempt to repeat as CIF champions. The 8 months of preparation was all leading toward something amazing and we could all feel it on the field. As the season went on, our world around us began to change drastically and we were forced to adjust along with it. Then on March 12th, our season took the ultimate turn toward disaster and it was all over in the blink of an eye. Our coaching staff held out hope that there might be a chance and that we would be able to touch the field again, but unfortunately that was not the case.

To say that we are heart broken for the girls is an understatement. We as a coaching staff could not be prouder of the work that these girls put into this season. From the 4th-year varsity player, all the way to the 1st-year player just joining the program, these girls poured their hearts and soul onto the field. We knew that this was destined to be a special season, just based off how hard the girls were working on the field.

We want to thank all the parents that had entrusted us with their full support over the course of these trying times. Without your support and love, it would not be possible to do what we do as coaches. Our primary focus is to be as family oriented as possible in our program and that includes the families, so we again thank you for all the support.

We would like to give a special thank you to our departing seniors class: Emma Bailey, Gabby Bravo, Izzy Berkoben, Veronica Smith, and Dani Nowicki. This group of ladies will be leaving the program but will never leave our family. We want to express our deepest sympathies to this amazing group of young women that had this season cut short. The work that these girls have put in during their time with this program will leave an ever-lasting mark on this group of young ladies. Their legacy will be the backbone of this program and we cannot begin to thank them enough for all that they have done over their time here.

We will find a way to get through this together and we will see each other on the field again. Until that time, our biggest concern is that we all get through this healthy and safe. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers will be with everyone of the players and families in our program. Just because we are not on the field together now, does not mean that you are forgotten. Once family, always family.



Coach Kenny Hasselbar