Multiple Teams · Letter to Our Track and Field Program, Honoring Our Seniors


 Letter from Coach Thompson 

To the Patrick Henry Track and Field Team and Parents,


Words can not express the heartbreak and sorrow I have regarding the season cancellation this year. I was excited for this upcoming season as we finally had the ability to host home meets, the Runge Invitational and Senior night at home which has been long overdue due to the construction woes you had to endure these past 3 plus years. We as coaches were extremely excited for the team as we felt we were contenders for league and CIF titles this year based on the strength of the team and the hard work you have put in during the off season. We as a worldwide community face the many challenges ahead, I can’t help but feel disappointed and cheated. However, at times like this, we must look at the things we should be grateful for and appreciate all that we have, not all that we have lost. The great thing about track and field is that it will always be there for you no matter your age or ability. Track is about your will and willingness to “Toe the line”. The life lesson we all must take with us from this period is the wiliness to persevere in this period.

To our Parents,

Thank you for your strength and courage during this time! Always know your Patriot family is here for you. Life right now will be a challenge to us all. We will display a full range of emotions that our kids will see and understand that it’s ok, that it is a part of life. We will laugh, we will cry, we will worry but we will be there for them to comfort them. These are the lessons our kids will learn from us and grow so that they gain strength from our resolve. As always, I thank you for all you do as parents and role models.

To my seniors,

We were so close to the finish line! I am saddened not only by the lost of the season but missing out on the various activities you so much were looking forward to. Although this has happened now, which must be hard for you being away from your friends, look at this more from the standpoint of why we must always cherish the things and people around us each day. We never know what the next day may bring us. The class of 2020 will always be known as the class who overcame sorrow, adversity, and fear but persevered in the changed world we will now live in. I hope all our Seniors will come back next season to celebrate their Senior Night with the 2021 team.

Class of 2020

Makai Adams, Jayden Brown, Chris Cachay, Nate Cruz, Alec Ege, Ryan Gojungco, Steven  Guillory-Smith, David Harimana, Nicholas Lord, Sean Luch, Joshua Malcangio-Andrews, Zach Mathews, Daniel Mendoza, Kyle Merino, Vince Nguyen, Andres Salgado, Max Skantz, Christopher (CJ) Smith, Panintorn Stoup, Jack Turner, Jack Urie, Natasha Godfrey, Katelyn Mitchell, Madison Nabors, Mara Preciado, Hailey Veeder, Tess Whitsett, Danielle Toleno


Thank you for coming out for track and doing a great job in the little time we had together. I look forward to seeing you next year. To all the Seniors, good luck to you as you go on to be exceptional young adults.
Be well, be strong, and many blessings to all of you. Thanks for letting me be your coach.

God Bless you all!

Randy E. Thompson & Jamila Thompson