Multiple Teams · Letter to Our Track and Field Distance Runners, Honoring Our Seniors



 Letter from Coach Myette & Coach Bryan 


Nate Cruz

It has been wonderful to see your growth, not only as a runner, but as a young man over the course of the last four years. Your leadership and work ethic provided great examples to your peers and set a positive tone for the team. Additionally, your hard work really paid off; we saw it in your results and in your confidence. It is truly unfortunate that we won’t get to see what you would have done this season, but are looking forward to watching you take your talents to the next level. Best of luck, Nate.



Natasha Godfrey

What great joy and positive energy you bring to the team, Natasha, not just on the track, but even more importantly, off it. Because of the relationships you built, the team was stronger, tighter, and more focused. You drive to return to peak form this season has been cut short, unfortunately, but the manner with which you conducted yourself is something that you – and we – will take with us beyond the track. We will miss your vivacious personality and your love for others.

Jack Urie

Captain Jack! Your ability to connect to your teammates, bolstered by an uncanny sense of humor, made the team truly unique, a mix of sometimes crazy, sometimes sane, that you managed to bring together and lead. With your fiery red beard coupled with your neon hat, you were on pace – pun intended – to have a great season. It is with sadness that we see you graduate without watching you run again, without laughing at practice with you again, and without seeing that hair bouncing up and down.


Danielle Toleno

We were so excited when you decided to run track this season, your third with us. You have a gentle strength about you that we see in many ways. We appreciate your commitment to running, your care for teammates, and your joyful personality. We have enjoyed seeing your growth as a young woman and look forward to hearing how the lessons and discipline that comes from running into the next stage of your life.

Katelyn Mitchell

You returned this season with a focus, intensity, and humility that was awesome to see.  At every practice and at every meet, we looked forward to your smile and laughter, to watching you go out to exceed your goals and expectations. Your presence made the team better: your balance helped not only your teammates, but also the coaches. While our season has been cut short, you far exceeded any track goal that you were going to eclipse because you discovered your true internal strength and are ready to be great in all your future endeavors.

Vince Nguyen

With a tireless drive, you have worked hard both in cross county and in track. And because of your drive, you set an example for your teammates. What’s most important, however, is your kindness and spirit, characteristics that are priceless on a team, and even more so in life. Where you go, Vince, there is energy and life. We regret that we will miss benefiting from your kindness and spirit, but know that you will enrich those you encounter as you move into the next phase of your life.


Zach Mathews

Seeing you embrace your ability and discover your confidence as a runner pales only to how good your hair looks when you run! We have watched you embrace hard work, wrestle with obstacles to success, learn how to focus on your strengths and address weaknesses, and not lose sight of what’s most important: humility and service to others. Your presence on the team made us all keenly aware of the significance and importance of character. We are sad that we won’t get to see you be you, Zach, on the track and off, your drive to be successful, your great sense of humor, and your kindness. You are, in all ways – and always – a mensch, a man of integrity and honor.


Alec Ege

As a runner, your fierce kick reflects your willingness to give everything to run the race you want to run, to run the time you want, and to finish where you want. As a person, your fierce kick reflects your willingness to give everything to accomplish your goals. On the team, your determination and willingness to give everything did not, however, impede your recognition of what you value: working with others and teaching them how to work together, as a unit and as individuals to accomplish their goals. Your ability to bring the team together reflects your maturity, insight, and awareness of others. It is unfortunate, truly, that we won’t get to see you succeed in your own personal goals, but also to watch how much your leadership helped your teammates reach theirs.


Nick Lord

We have watched you over the last three plus years fully realize and appreciate how good you are as a runner. With each race, you discovered something new about yourself. With each race, you embraced greater and greater risk. And with each race, you surprised yourself with what you could do. Sensitive and keenly aware, not only of yourself, but also of those around you, your presence on the team provided a balance that was crucial to team chemistry; and underscored the importance of believing in yourself and your team. It is with great regret that we won’t get to see that Nick Lord smile at the end of a race.


Champ Stoup

Your enthusiasm, positive energy, and ability to punk your entire team about moving to Thailand will always be remembered. We will miss out on seeing what you could have accomplished this final season, but will remember you fondly as someone who could always pump up the team. We wish you all the best on your next endeavors in life.


Josh Malcangio-Andrews

Your sensitivity and ability to listen to others makes you who you are. Always the supportive teammate, your quiet demeanor belies an insightful and sharp awareness of those around you. We took great joy in seeing you discover your inner strength and belief in yourself as a runner, and are saddened that we won’t see you accomplish the goals you set for yourself this season. It is with great fondness that we will recall the smile on your face when you medaled at the Eastern League Cross Country Championships in the fall, and looked forward to this track season in anticipation of seeing you accomplish more great things. But more than anything, we will miss your gentle and kind spirit.
David Harimana

From the moment you joined the team four years ago, your impact was palpable and immediate. Along with positivity and humility, you carry an aura that makes everyone, your teammates, coaches, opponents, and teachers take notice. Simply, you are a truly special person, and those around you are fortunate to know you. You are easy to be around, an essential quality as a leader. You are “”David” en Francais, DJ Pro Up, a young man who in addition to speaking six languages, constructed his own droid, learned Java, and rapped with the best of them. Your dedication as a runner pales in comparison to your dedication to others. Despite facing adversity, your belief in the goodness of others never wavered. Without a doubt, it is hard to see the season end so abruptly without watching you race, train, and succeed. We are better for having the opportunity to coach you.

Coach Andrew Myette and Coach Kelly Bryan