Multiple Teams · Letter to Our Track and Field Throws/Jumps, Honoring Our Seniors


 Letter from Coach Claesson 


Hi PHHS Patriots T&F TEAM!

I want to wish all of our Track and Field Team Seniors a great future and I hope to see all of you competing in college (and if we have a Summer Nights T&F series). Over the years I have coached many of you in T&F or had the pleasure of getting to know you at the XC camp in Big Bear. It has been one of the highlights of my life to have coached the throwers and high jumpers, preseason training with sprinters and all the fun with XC in Big Bear, including Sean, Tess, Jack, Nate, Alec, Nick, Ryan, Makai, Maddie, Mara, Jayden, Steven, Daniel, Kyle, Vince, Justen, David, Hailey and Andres!

The past few years I really got to know David, Justen, Hailey and Andres and they are very talented athletes and exceptional young men and women! Some of my favorite memories of them were watching David tearing around the track, every lap (it seemed like a hundred) he was one of the hardest working mid-distance runners we ever had! Justen, with his broken leg, we missed him in PV this season, but he made the XC camps really fun, always knew how to make people laugh and have a good time! Hailey, two years ago she started to clear some big jumps and qualified for CIF as a Soph and then started this season out ready to go even higher! I was busy helping with the throwers most of the time, but Hailey was very dedicated and practiced on her own a lot, I think she will do very well in college! Andres, POWER, STRENGTH, COMMITMENT, that’s Andres! He had to work during some of the practices so he missed a few days and wanted to get some extra practice in. He trained hard, focused on every detail I gave him and it paid off big time, he started getting BIG PR’s! Stick with it, ALL of you. You are just scratching the surface, if you keep training you will excel in college! If any of you want some suggestions about competing in college, which schools have good coaches and programs, etc. please email me, I would be happy to help!

It is unfortunate that we lost the majority of this season, your final high school team was looking like a great team. We believed this team would have been very strong in our league and possibly in the running for a CIF championship. However, the future is bright for all of you, you each have something exciting to accomplish and important ideas, talent and other contributions to share with the world. Several years from now, when you think back to this part of your lives you will remember the challenges, boredom, possibly some fun and enjoyment, most of us will know of someone who was sick and many will have a hard time financially. We will persevere and you will be the generation who survived the pandemic, the recession and many other difficult events throughout your lives. You will be stronger from this experience and you will be able to appreciate your families and friends and teammates and teachers much more, because of this difficult time. When you are having a hard time in the weeks ahead, just focus on who you care about, what is important to you and what your dreams and goals are and you will persevere. Stay strong PHHS Patriots, you will soon be leading our country and achieving your dreams! Be safe and take care of yourselves!

Coach Claesson