Multiple Teams · 2020-2021 Athletics Clearance Information *July 21 Update*


2020-2021 Fall Season is scheduled to begin in December

On Monday July 20 the CIF State office released a new plan for there to be two seasons of play in 2020-2021. There will be a “fall” season that begins in December 2020 and a “spring” season that still has yet to be determined when the start date will be (most likely sometime in March 2021).

There are still many details that need to be worked out. Our coaching staff will have a meeting on Wednesday July 22 to begin discussing plans so that all our programs are prepared for an incredibly successful year. The CIF-SDS and City Conference still need to meet and discuss specific details about the upcoming athletics year. We will continue to post updates in the coming weeks as some major decisions are yet to be made.


Some key questions:

Can I still complete my online registration through Yes, go ahead and complete your online registration. Select any of the sports you are interested in participating. The full calendar of the “fall” and “spring” season is below.

Will there be an on-campus physical event? Yes, once campus facilities are opened we will schedule a physical event for student-athletes to get their 2020-2021 physical completed. Traditionally we have asked for a $25 donation to go toward the athletics budget.

Will athletes be able to participate in their club sport during high school season? CIF yesterday announced a one-year waiver on Rule 600, meaning that CIF will permit athletes to participate in club and high school at the same time. This will be a topic that coaches and administrators will discuss in the coming months about how we at PHHS want to address this issue.

Will athletes be able to participate in multiple sports during the same season? Due to the movement of some sports from one season to the next it might arise where a multi-sport athlete has both their sports in one season. For example, a soccer and lacrosse athlete now will have both sports in the 2021 “spring” season. This will be a topic that coaches and administrators will discuss in the coming months about how we at PHHS want to address this issue.

How will academic eligibility work for the 2020-2021 “fall” season? Student-athletes must maintain above a 2.0 academic GPA. Due to the shift in the start of the season students will need to be academically eligible at the end of the S1Q1 grading period that closes DATE TBD in order to receive their clearance card.

What will the clearance card schedule be for the 2020-2021 “fall” season? A tentative clearance card schedule for the “fall” season will be December 7-11 after school in AD Clark’s classroom following school.

What will the clearance card schedule be for the 2021 “spring” season? The start date for the “spring” season will be determined by the CIF-SDS in the coming weeks. At that time we will post the schedule. It is still recommended to complete the online registration. ***UPDATE, CHECK BELOW FOR MASTER CALENDAR & SPECIFIC DATES***

What will game and practice schedules look like? We are still waiting for the specific season dates to be released by the CIF-SDS. Once those dates are released our City Conference will then begin to work on league schedules. Once league schedules are set coaches can begin to work on potential non-league contests. Practice and game schedules will need to consider the additional athletic programs and facility needs. This will be a topic that coaches and administrators will discuss and plan for in the coming months.


ALL physicals must be completed for the 2020-2021 school year after June 30, 2020.

The 2020-2021 registration on is now available, families can download the physical form and take to the doctor.

Updated SDUSD Athletic Physical Packet 2020-21


Clearance registration launched on June 30, 2020.

Clearance registration on is now live. Be sure to register under Patrick Henry HS and the 2020-2021 school year.

Clearance Card Schedule in Mr. Clark’s Classroom (Room 119) : December 7-11


Must have the following forms to be issued a Clearance Card

1. Signed Certificate of Completion

2. Physical Form-Signed & Dated by Doctor after June 30, 2020 Updated SDUSD Athletic Physical Packet 2020-21

3. Copy of valid insurance card

***All students must have over a 2.0 (unweighted) GPA academically and in citizenship to be issued a clearance card.


For all information concerning athletic clearance click here: Athletic Clearance Information Page


2020-2021 CIF Sports Calendar



Revised Draft Master calendar for 2020-21