Patriots News · CIF-SDS Announcement and Update ***August 14***

CIF-San Diego Announcement August 14

The CIF-SDS office on August 14 released the master calendar and a few updates to the CIF State announcement in July.

Here are a few of the important updates:

CIF-San Diego Master Calendar: Revised Draft Master calendar for 2020-21


  • All Fall sports will begin on December 12. Specific tryout and practice schedules will be posted on the athletics website on October 1.
  • Note: Badminton, Volleyball (Men’s & Women’s), Water Polo (Men’s & Women’s), Roller Hockey, Cross Country, Cheer, Football will all be a part of the new “Fall” season.


CIF Bylaw 506.A Multiple Sport Athletes

There are no bylaws that prohibit students from participating in two sports during the same season of sport. In scenarios where a student is participating in two sports within the same season, per CIF Bylaw 506.A, the student has a maximum of 18 total hours per week of practices and competitions each week of the high school season. They do not have a maximum of 18 hours per week in each sport. Reminder, competitions count as 3 hours per day.


CIF Bylaw 600 Temporary Suspension of Student-Athletes participating in Club & High School

On the July 20, 2020, CIF State Press Release, the State CIF Office, temporarily suspended State Bylaws 600 through 605, allowing student athletes to compete on both a high school and outside (Club) during the same season of sport. In the San Diego Section, Bylaw 600.1 prohibits student athletes from not only competing on an outside team, but also prohibited them from practicing with their club team as well. On August 14th, the San Diego Section, Board of Managers voted to temporarily suspend Section Bylaw 600.1 for the 2020-2021 school year, enabling student athletes throughout our section to join those across the state in being able to practice and compete with their club team while also competing as a member of their high school team. This is a temporary, one-year adjustment to Bylaws 600 – 605 for both the State CIF, and the San Diego Section.


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