Patriots News · CIF-San Diego Update 12/17/20

 Latest Update from CIF-SDS Aims for Season 1 January 25

Below is new released information from our CIF Commissioner sent out on December 17.

 A couple of key points from the memo:
*CIF is aiming to begin Season 1 competitions on January 25. There will be another announcement by January 4 on this date; tryout dates, master season calendar, etc.
*When the season begins (January 25) any student-athlete testing positive for COVID-19 may not return to practice or competition until cleared by their physician (think concussion protocol).
*CIF guidelines will be adjusted weekly
  Following the update in early January we will make an announcement for clearances and tryout schedule. Please continue to check the athletics website for updates.
 Patriot student-athletes and families please continue to stay safe and healthy. Have a restful winter break and happy holidays!