Expectations and Grievance Process

Expectations and Grievance Process

Both Parenting and Coaching are extremely challenging in today’s world. We must realize that coaches and parents should have the same goal, to see that each athlete has a positive experience and becomes a well-rounded individual.

Communication you can expect from your athlete’s coach:

  • Philosophy of the coach.
  • Team and individual player expectations (Player Contract)
  • Location, dates, and times of all practices and games.
  • Adherence to CIF, Conference, and school rules.

Communication that coaches can expect from parents:

  • Non-confrontational situations.
  • Appropriate concerns can be expressed directly to the coaches outside of practice, games, or the playing field.
  • Specific questions about philosophy or expectations of their child.
  • Notification of any absences prior to practices or games.
  • A phone call to set up an appointment to discuss a concern.

Appropriate to discuss

  • Treatment of your child (mentally or physically).
  • Ways to help your child improve.
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior/academic problems.
  • Eligibility
  • Work Ethic

Inappropriate to discuss

  • Playing time
  • Coaching
  • Team strategy
  • Play calling or substitutions
  • Another athlete
  • Practice Organization

Steps for resolution

  1. Player speaks directly to the head coach
  2. Player speaks with head coach and Athletic Director
  3. Parent may talk to the head coach (by appointment)
  4. Parent may contact the Athletic Director (by appointment)
  5. Parent may contact the Vice Principal for Athletics (by appointment)
  6. Parent may contact the Principal (by appointment)