PHHS Student-Athlete and Parent Agreement

Athletic Programs-Issues & Information

  1. Alcohol, Drugs, and Illegal Dietary Supplements
  2. Social Media
  3. Booster Clubs
  4. Clearance Packets
  5. Coaching Requirements
  6. Team Selection & Cuts
  7. Dedication/Commitment
  8. Early Release from Class
  9. Eligibility
  10. Equipment and Uniforms
  11. Fundraising
  12. Hazing
  13. Injuries
  14. Leaving a Sport
  15. Lettering Requirements
  16. Non-Contact Period
  17. Off-Season Workouts
  18. Transportation

Alcohol, Drugs and Illegal Dietary Supplements

The Governing Board of the San Diego Unified School District is committed to its legal and moral responsibilities in safeguarding the health, character, citizenship and personality development of students. Refer to the Student Handbook and Behavior Code for information regarding Suspension/Expulsion. Students involved in possession, use, sale, furnishing, or if found under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and are suspended from school will be kept from all athletics (games, practices, team events, etc.) for a minimum of 15 school days.

Social Media

Social media can be a valuable tool to promote and celebrate our student-athletes. Patriot Athletics utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the website to create excitement, inform the community, and celebrate the many accomplishments of our student-athletes. Coaches should only operate program social media platforms and never contact student-athletes through their personal accounts. Student-Athletes must be aware of the consequences of the inappropriate use of social media. The school does not take responsibility of monitoring a student-athlete’s social media posts and will not hold student-athletes accountable for inappropriate posts while unrelated to school activities. However, if made aware of inappropriate content through social media, school administration will contact parents/guardians to make them aware.

Booster Clubs

The Booster Club’s purpose is to support the program by conducting fundraisers so that they might honor the needs and requests of the program. Booster Clubs should be run under the direction of the Head Coach and all finances should be run through the school foundation or team’s ASB account.

Clearance Process

All students playing a sport at Patrick Henry High School must complete two things. First, is a physical form that you can download from That form can be completed by your doctor or a doctor from one of our school offered physical dates. Second, is completion of online registration through See athletic clearance information on athletics website. Once complete, the system will print a confirmation and consent page. The parent and athlete will sign the document and then turn in copies of both the consent and the physical to the Athletic Director during the clearance period for the season of play.

Coaching Requirements

Head Coaches are hired by a group of interviewers after the position has been advertised.  Every attempt is made to hire the most qualified coach. Assistant and JV Coaches are hired by the Head Coach under the supervision of the Athletic Administration. All coaches must register at the district office where they are fingerprinted, TB tested, First Aid/CPR Trained, and must complete a coaching course offered by the NFHS. Head Coaches are required to attend Pre and Post Season Conference meetings.

Team Selection & Cuts

Patrick Henry HS encourages any student with a desire to compete to go out for a sport. While our coaches want to include as many students as possible, they will only take as many students as they can accommodate. Each coach will determine their own specifications and will conduct the tryout to select the most capable student for their particular team. THE COACH MAKES THE FINAL DECISION ON WHO WILL PARTICIPATE ON THEIR TEAM.


The student athlete must be willing to dedicate himself/herself to sports. Accomplishments come from hard work and a sincere desire to succeed. The athlete must work out of season as well as during the season to get better. He/She must be willing to sacrifice his/her own desires for the good of the team. Conflicts between activities are difficult on all groups. Please communicate with your coaches well in advance of the events. Learn to Prioritize.


Early Release from Class

It is the responsibility of the Coach to communicate with the Athletic Director about early release of student/athletes from class for an athletic contest. Coaches will have to notify the Athletic Director 48 hours prior to the day of the contest. Students are responsible for all work and tests missed due to an early release. Students will not be permitted to leave class prior to a release time.  It is an athlete’s choice and privilege to leave school early to participate in an athletic contest. It is a teacher’s choice to release a student.


Students Must:

  1. Be enrolled in at least 4.5 (5 credit) classes
  2. Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (un-weighted)
  3. Have no more than one “U” in conduct

Equipment and Uniforms

Athletes shall assume responsibility for all equipment issued to them and are expected to pay for any abused or lost items. Students are required to return their uniforms at the end of the season. Failure to do so will place the student on the LOP list until school property is returned.

Fund Raisers

Teams may fund raise during various times throughout the year. This is done to supplement money distributed by the ASB and can be used to purchase equipment, hire additional coaches, enter tournaments, and other needs as requested. Fundraisers must be approved by the school by use of a Master Calendar Request and Fund Raiser Analysis Form. Funds raised by students must be placed in the school’s foundation or ASB account.


Hazing is a direct violation of school, district, state rules and may result in an athlete’s removal from the team. School disciplinary action may also be required. Violations include physical, verbal, and/or emotional varieties.


Coaches make every attempt to provide a safe environment to prevent injuries. An athletic trainer is available for consultation when on campus. Coaches are First Aid/CPR trained and have the emergency cards with them or have them available to them online. If an injury occurs, a coach should fill out an Accident Report Form within 24 hours. Forms are available in the Nurse’s Office.

Leaving a Sport

A student cut from one sport may want to try-out for a second sport during the same season and are encouraged to do so. Students should contact the second coach immediately as teams are formed quickly. A student that leaves a sport on their own after making the team will not be allowed to play another sport until that season is over.

Lettering Requirements

Varsity Letters are given at coach’s discretion. Students should finish the season on Varsity, must have participated (as a player or spectator) in a minimum of 50% of Varsity Events (Practices and Games), and must finish the season in good standing (Conduct and Eligibility). Letters should be participation based and not achievement based.

Non-Contact Period:  

CIF requires a two-week window of time for families to receive a break from High School Sports. This no contact period is set by the AD/Head Coach of each sport and may be different for each sport. The no contact period will be between the last day of school and the first day of school.

Off-Season Workouts

CIF does not permit school teams to work out as school teams during the off-season. Many opportunities are made available for athletes to sharpen their skills, develop their strength and maintain conditioning through AAU, and other clubs or agencies. Out of Season teams are not sponsored groups of Patrick Henry HS. Participation in any of these programs will not be a factor in making the team in the following year.


Athletes will ride on a school provided bus for contests, when provided. In some cases when school transportation is not available, students may ride with parent.